The world is a great place. Surprisingly, I’ve lived here all my life. We never really stop andΒ  appreciate how amazing it is that right now you are alive and sat here reading something that another person has written; on a piece of technology that someone else has created. You may think that the world is gigantic and you wouldn’t be wrong although, you wouldn’t be necessarily correct either.

Right now you’re probably thinking of how big the sun is compared to us and the answer to that is VERY. So big in fact that you could fit our planet inside of it about 1.3 million times. This may seem big but the truth is that there are so many other stars in our universe that when compared to the sun, seem like giants. Take for example, Mu Cephei, a red supergiant that is way over 1000 times bigger than our sun. Some of you will find this surprising and some of you won’t but what is surprising is that we as humans, have advanced so much that we are actually able to work out this size of these stars. Scientists have worked tirelessly for hundreds, even thousands of years to reach the level of knowledge that we now hold but the truth is that we are still a long way from knowing everything. This is quite an empowering thought.

Let’s think about one of my favorite and most troubling questions. If the universe is constantly expanding as we know it is, then what is it expanding into. Scientists do not know if there is any form of existence or space that lies beyond our universe. However common logic would suggest that if something is expanding, it must have somewhere to expand into. It is suggested that this new “space” is created all the time but where does this space go once it is created. Many of us would love to know the answer but the truth is that we probably never will and certainly won’t within our lifetimes. Science was once described as a locked box which we are trying to unlock without knowing where the key is. Every time we find a way to unlock it, we find another locked box inside and so the tale of discovery continues. The question is, will we ever get to the final locked box and if we do will we even be able to unlock it?

It follows that with each new discovery and problem we solve, a new equally or more challenging problem is created. Right now scientists are desperately and with great dedication working to find a cure to cancer. One day, this time perhaps in our lifetimes, we will wake up to the news that scientists have done it: they have cured cancer! Of course this will be amazing news but after a while their attention will turn to the next biggest problem. A problem which probably doesn’t even exist at this moment in time.

It was considered a revolutionary discovery when the theory of atoms that make up everything in our universe was accepted by the great minds of the time. Since that discovery, we have recognized the existence of subatomic particles (protons and electrons for example) that make up the already minute atoms. As we move into more recent times we have even managed to find what these subatomic particles are made up of.Β  The point I am making is that scientific advancements will never end; at least not until the universe does but that is a topic of discussion for another time.

If there is one thing that I want to get across to you from this post, it is this: the fact that you exist should not be taken lightly. Always remember how lucky you are to experience the wonder that is our universe on a daily basis. Many spectacular coincidences occurred that enabled you to be alive right now. All the way back to the big bang (if you believe in that theory) to the miraculous defying of odds that created you; one sperm out of a few hundred million reached the ovary and thus, you were created.

Thank you for reading! Tell me down below which discovery or answer to a question you are most hopeful of!