We all remember those words: “Go and tidy your room!” you would be told. If you were like most children those words would fill you with dread and you would probably put off doing it for as long as you could. Maybe you thought it was your parents being picky or trying to get rid of you for a few minutes of peace. However, there are some very good reasons, now you are more grown up, to keep your room tidy. In fact, the benefits of keeping not just your room tidy, but any place you intend to spend time in can drastically improve your mood and quality of life.

Firstly, having a tidy bedroom can seriously improve the quality of your sleep. Many studies have been done on this topic and they all pretty much come to the same, definitive conclusion: People with tidy bedrooms have better sleep. It is very easy to subconsciously put off going to bed if you know you are going to have to go through the mess and clutter just to get to bed. Also, having a tidy room around you when you do get in bed will make you feel more comfy and at ease, inevitably leading you to drift off faster and experience deeper, longer sleep.

Of course, I am not just talking about having a tidy bedroom in this post. Keeping any room tidy in your house can genuinely lift your mood. Take your living room/lounge for example. Coming home each day and having a tidy space to relax in can help you wind down. You will be able to reach a more peaceful state of mind when you know that the surrounding space is tidy. You may not consciously notice these effects but trust me, you will feel them.

One big thing that being tidy can do for us is increase our productivity and motivation. Many successful people have said that having a messy desk has never caused them any problems but let me ask you this. If you had to work at a messy, unorganized and cramped desk or a clean, tidy and spacious one, which would you choose? I’m assuming that most of you would choose the latter and that is for one very good reason: working in a clean and tidy space is just so much easier. We all look for ways to simplify our lives and make our work quicker every day and this is one very simple way to do so. If you tidy your desk you will become more productive.

What about having a tidy kitchen? Well having a tidy kitchen can actually make you eat healthier. Yes you heard that right! If you are able to have a clean and uncluttered cooking space, you are more likely to actually cook because spending time in that space will make you feel happier. If you have a kitchen space that is messy or hard to navigate then you are much more likely to avoid cooking and opt for the fast food/take away option instead.

By now I hope that you can see my point. Having a tidy space can really pay off in the long run. It doesn’t matter where you decide to keep tidy, (although I recommend that you keep as many rooms tidy as possible) it will provide you with benefits. Of course, I understand that not everybody has the time to keep rooms spotless and as organized as they would like but seriously, five minutes a day devoted to this task will begin to improve your daily life.

Thanks for reading. Do you find having a tidy room makes you happier? Would you like a post on tidying tips?