Many of the world’s leading CEO’s, athletes, musicians and leaders all share something in common. To get to an elite level is no easy feat, one must train hard and put in the effort to raise his or her standards and their goals. To become successful in any walk of life you must remember these two key components: Your Time is Limited and Each Step You Take is That Much Closer to the Finish Line.

Now when I say your time is limited, that is a fact. We all have a certain amount of time in our lives to forge our path and create our own legacy. The majority of people will choose to stick to the safe options, never leaving their comfort zone and sticking to a routine. This is wrong! We must push our own boundaries, test our limits and realize our potential before we start to succeed. If you choose to take that day off you’re literally losing a day to pointless pursuits. Lounging around, browsing the web will not get you anywhere. You have to develop a system – one that works for you – that pushes you to the brink every day to maximize your potential.

Change will not come quickly, those that succeed are most definitely not successful overnight, instead those that are truly winners take the time to put the work in every day and night. True winners don’t say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I can take a day off; I’ve earned it”. So you must ask yourself, are you willing to put in the work? I want you to seriously think about this question, you must be honest when you ask yourself this – because the only way to true success is through hard work.
Every step you take towards your goal, is a step that you won’t have to take again.
Remember that. Every bit of training, every workout, every seminar, every study that you will ever take will be in the past and will be done. Every time you work you become stronger whether that’s physically or mentally. Once you realize that if you put in the work, you will begin to see results, that may occur in a week, month or year, but I can guarantee that if you continue to work on something, that it will improve. It is also important to recognize that you must work in a healthy way. If Usain Bolt was to eat massive hamburgers, with chips and fries everyday he wouldn’t be fit. The same applies to you. You must build an environment around you that supports your end goal. Build a timeline and stick to it, make goals and achieve them.

When making goals make sure the goals that you set are actually achievable. Don’t set a goal that you know won’t come true. You want to feel like you’re actually achieving something instead of continuously having to go further. Also be prepared to fail. On the road to success there will be failures – it’s inevitable. However, failures are truly just a test, winners push through failure and learn from their mistakes. Losers stop when they fail. Success isn’t just getting to the base camp. Success is getting to the peak amidst failures and mistakes. Real winners push through, and that’s what it’s going to take if you truly want to succeed.
If you stick to these two key components, then you, my friend will succeed. Remember to persevere through thick and thin to achieve your goals and achieve the success that you want to see in your life.

This was a guest post written by From Earth To Man. You can check out his website here
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