Everyone wants to be respected. Most of us want to be viewed as respectful. How can we go about achieving both of these goals at the same time?

Whether you want to gain respect from your boss or from your employees. If you want to gain respect as a notorious drug dealer (think Pablo Escobar) or boxer. Or if you want your friends to feel respected by you, there is a fairly simple and universal set of rules that you must follow.

  • Listen This factor is crucial no matter if you are trying to give or get respect. People want to be listened to and see that they are receiving the listener’s full attention. Although this seems like a simple task, when you think about it, it is not all that common. This means not going on your phone and giving full eye contact which are qualities that are becoming increasingly hard to find in people today.  People will realize you are respectful because you are listening to them and will also respect you for doing so.
  • Keep Your Word Nothing says integrity like sticking to your word. So you should do just that. No matter how small the promise is, you should always deliver on it. If you know you cannot stick to it then you should not make out like you can. Of course, every now and again an unforeseen problem arises that leads you to break your promise. For example, if your car breaks down on the way to a date you said you would make. In these situations you should make sure to inform the person as soon as possible and in age where we are surrounded by communication technology, there is no excuse for doing otherwise. Again, people will respect you for sticking to your word and they will also see you as being respectful because you knew better than to let them down.
  • Work Hard We hear this everywhere nowadays but that’s because it is true. If you do everything to the best of your ability then nobody can criticize you for not working hard. If something you did didn’t work out as you planned then you have the peace of mind that it wasn’t because you didn’t put in the effort. People respect this and as a result they will begin to respect you.
  • Never Lie Lies will always surface and when they do, you will become a liar in the eyes of other people. Once people see you in this way it is very hard to get them to fully trust or believe you again. People prefer it when they are speaking to someone with a reputation for being truthful and this will ultimately gain you respect. It is also fair to say that other people will see you as respectful if you never lie to them.

Those are my four biggest tips for gaining and also giving respect. One more point that I didn’t want to include as one of my tips is to be yourself because it has become such a cliché. Although it’s a valid point, nothing will lose you respect like using too many clichés 😉

Thank you for reading and what do you think? Are there any other things that you think should have been on my list?