Over the past few years I have developed a habit and a bit of a love for reading. I mainly enjoy fiction and classic novels. However, more recently I have started reading  non-fiction books and I am really enjoying it.

As we are all aware, people don’t have as much free time as they used to. Even when they do, they are not likely to spend it reading a book. More and more people are turning to the internet for short pieces of information when they want to find something out and I find this a bit sad. Nothing can beat a book when it comes to improving your knowledge!

That is why I want to invite you to join me in a reading challenge this year. Choose an amount of books that you think you can reasonably read this year and then add one or two to that number in order to challenge yourself. I decided on forty which is actually quite a big ask when you think about it but I am determined to do it.

Drop a comment if you are interested and I look forward to discussing your most recent reads with you. I will provide recommendations and perhaps, if some of you would like, I will make another post giving some helpful tips on how to reach your goal.

Thanks for reading.