There are many people who believe in “fate”. The constant repetition from the people you socialize with; “that’s just fate” or “that’s your destiny”. Why do so many people believe that our life has already been planned out for us? Some say it is down to their religion and some think that it is the natural course of life.

Personally, I hate this idea. I don’t want my life to be predetermined, even if it feels like I am in control. I want to be able to change my future. If I am destined to fail in the future then why should I bother to try now? For me the idea of fate completely contradicts my philosophy of life.

The fundamentals of existentialism state that humans operate as individuals and are able to make their own independent decisions. This makes perfect sense since after all, we are individuals and we do make basic decisions on a daily basis.

How could our path all ready be set out for us when the world is constantly changing? If we can’t truly change our own future then what is the point in life?