We’ve all heard it, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” So, why do so many of us choose to skip it?

The truth is that most people who skip breakfast simply don’t have the time to prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Anyway, whats wrong with skipping breakfast?

Well firstly, we must understand that eating in the morning starts our metabolism and gets us up and running for the day. If we don’t eat breakfast our metabolism will remain in sleep mode for the rest of the day until we eat. This means that skipping breakfast will not help us to lose weight. In fact, if we skip breakfast we will most probably retain or even put on extra weight.

People who find themselves excessively snacking throughout the day are most probably guilty of skipping the golden meal. It is true that eating breakfast can keep you full until dinner.

Personally, I find that breakfast is a very peaceful meal. I enjoy waking up early before anybody else in my household and preparing my breakfast and eating it in peace. It sets me up both physically and mentally for the day and helps me relieve the stress of the daunting day ahead of me.

So tell me, what is your favorite breakfast meal?

image credits: graphicmeasures.com