Having an opinion is natural, human nature. We form an opinion on anything and everything and this is one of the best things about life. Opinions are a conversation point and are essential in all debating situations. Opinions start wars and without them life would be pretty pointless.

However, in our modern society it seems that some of our opinions are frowned upon. When someone’s opinion differs from the norm it is considered to be wrong. However, the truth is that an opinion is neither right nor wrong, it is “just a matter of opinion”

Even people with extremist views are not necessarily wrong. For example, if we analyse Adolf Hitler’s hateful opinion of the jewish race, we learn that Hitler had reasons for hating the jews (that doesn’t mean they were justified however) This doesn’t mean I approve of killing it just means that i don’t condemn Hitler having an opinion.

If a person in power has views that don’t exactly match the views of normal people it doesn’t mean they should be removed from power.

It is good to have opinions because they give us personality. If everybody shared the same opinions life would be very boring as there would be no contrast.

The way society is going opinions are going to get banned.

Thanks for reading!!