In today’s world everybody seems to lead stress filled, super busy lives. This lifestyle leaves many of us wondering how to banish worry and stress.

The truth is that many of us overthink things. We spend all of our time worrying about the consequences of an action rather than concentrating on the action itself. In a perfect world, there would be nothing to worry about. However, that isn’t the case so instead we have to learn to deal with worry and just carry on despite its weighty existence.

Personally I don’t let worry or stress get to me that much. I find that in general I am a very relaxed person for two reasons:
1. I don’t worry about tomorrow
2. I don’t dwell on yesterday
I simply focus on the very near future and save tomorrow’s events for when they occur.

The benefits of living like this are endless. One of the main reasons is that it allows us to put all of our focus into what we are doing at the current rather than conserving our power and allowing it to be consumed with worry.

We can compare this lifestyle to most animals. This is due to the fact that animals have no imagination and therefore, they are unable to imagine the consequences of their actions. I am not saying it would be good to have no imagination but it would be great to see things literally with out stress twisting our perceptions.

There is a quote that I once read which talked about a subject that is very true. I can’t remember the exact words or who the quote was by but it read a little like this:

“I spent most of my life worrying. Mostly about things that never happened”

When we read this quote and fully analyse it it begins to make a lot of sense. How many times have you spent a considerable amount of time worrying about something only for it to never happen? In fact, if you look back on a time in the past where worry was holding you down and think about how much that event is affecting you now, most of you will see that worrying about that event was pointless because at the present moment you are not even affected by it.

So if we can learn anything from this post it is to live in the present and not waste time worrying about the past or future.

Thanks for reading!!