Welcome to the third installment of my daily life tips. These tips are all about enjoying life and having the best life that you can.
Here you go:

1. Read good books

2. Learn something from everyone that you meet

3. Never be satisfied with mediocre things. Aim higher and you will achieve things you never expected.

4. Do something crazy and adreneline filled

5. Always greet people with a firm, strong handshake. It is the best way to make a good first impression

6. Drink lots of water. It has a multitude of health benefits (check my blog for a post about this)

7. Make a homeless person smile. It doesn’t matter how they got into the situation, everyone deserves to have a bit of happiness and feel loved once in a while.

8. Treat people how you would like to be treated

9. Don’t make anyone feel bad for failing, we all do it.

10. Try your best to eliminate all forms of negativity from your life.

Thanks for reading!! Come back tommorow for the next installment of the series 🙂