Most people start their new diet with one aim: to lose weight.
They try and stick to the diet 100 percent and cut out all junk food. For the first few days they feel great. However, after a few weeks they notice that the diet has faded and they are back to eating what they would have normally.

If this has happened to you and you are wondering why, please read on and I will explain why your diet failed.

Firstly, it is because you weren’t used to the lifestyle and tried to make the change immediately. One day you were happily eating junk food and the next you were eating everything healthy that you wouldn’t normally.

Your body wasn’t used to this new food and therefore started to crave the food that you used to eat before. For the first few days, the tempation has easy to handle and you told yourself that you couldn’t eat that packet of crisps or that chocolate bar. However, after a week the temptation grows. You tell yourself that eating that chocalate “just this once” will be fine which, is true. The problem comes when after eating the chocolate bar you feel okay and you dont’t put on weight straight away. Now, your body knows that eating a chocolate bar is fine and every time you are faced with that temptation, your body subconsciously tells you that it will be fine and you won’t put on weight.

Then, around about 2 weeks into the diet you find yohrself eating more and more junk food and the diet starts to fade away.

My next post will be on keepibg a diet up and making sure your efforts to lose weight don’t fail.

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Thanks for reading.