For many people a dream is just that, a dream. However, in this post I aim to change people’s ideas about dreams and show you how to make them into a reality.

Firstly we must know why people have dreams. Most people have dreams because it gives them something to live for, a nice break from reality when the stress of life gets to them.


However, the people who really make the most of life are the people who go out of their way to achieve their dreams. How do i do this I hear you ask? Well here are some simple steps to really achieving your dreams.

1. Know Your Dreams

Many people daydream about  different things that just happen to float into their mind and give them pleasure. However, if you are to achieve your dreams you must first know what they are. Really spend some time to think about what you want from life and if you need to, write these things down.

2. Think About What You Need To
Accomplish them

Now you know what your dreams are, you need to know how you will get them. Will you need money, time or anything else? Ask yourself these questions and think about how you will get them, will you start a new job/business or will you move to a new country.

3. Don’t Let Anything or Anyone Stop You.

Although a career change or a big move may seem a bit crazy, the only way you will achieve your dreams is through change and if you want to accomplish your goals you will make a change no matter how big it is.

4. Ignore The Naysayers.

When people see somebody making a life for themselves they will do anything they can to stop them for one simple reason. JEALOUSY. When someone is jealous of you they will mock you and it is only when you learn to ignore these people that you will be succesful. In the long run, you will earn the respect of many people for making sacrifices and differing from the crowd to make yourself happy.