Have you ever wished you could go out and do whatever you wanted without caring about anyone mocking you. This is a problem that many of us face but with a bit of practice and guidance you can easily overcome this problem.

Firstly, you must realise why you care what people think. However, when you actually think about this it doesn’t make sense because no matter what anybody thinks of you it will not affect you in any physical way and therefore, it is not something we should worry about.

So why do we continue to worry about something that when questioned actually makes no sense. Well, it is usually because we want to fit in with “the crowd” and when we fit in with this “crowd” we get a sense of belonging and comfort. For many people, leaving this comfort zone is either too scary or too much of an effort.

As soon as we start realising that if we leave this crowd we will be much happier inside we will stop caring what people think. The reason people laugh at us for leaving the mainstream group is because they think we are not normal and are crazy. However, when we leave the group we will gain lots of respect from our peers as they start to realised how we have benefited from the change.

Remember that the only way we can improve in life is through change. The most successful people of our time have been out of their comfort zone and have been mocked at some part of their lives.